Deal Local - customer loyalty mobile app project

My Role (Team Work): UX Design | Visual Design | Front-end Development


This is one of my projects when I did my COOP on 2015 fall at Elavon, my intern company. This project helps merchant connect with their customers and increase customer loyalty by offering deals and coupons. When I took this project, it has already been under internal testing for some time. I received this project from my manager and my task was to research what functions to add to it and make prototyping.

Origial Scheme

You can find the original design scheme as follows.

After discussing with my team mates, I'm clear that my task and goal for this project is:
1. Implement the "find us" function for each merchant page.
2. Implement the "social sharing" function for each merchant page.
3. Implement the "Like" button function for each merchant page.

Design Implementation

I implemented the above design goals by using AngularJS and Ionic Framework. Two service and plug-ins of Cordova have been used: OpenInMaps() service, ng-cordova social sharing plug-in.

My Thought

I view this experience of redesigning an existed real project and implement some new function as a valuable trial. I extended my knowledge from pure research and design to front-end development by doing this project. This experience helps me better retrospecting my previous design and research. Also, it helps me understand how to cooperate with other staffs with different knowledge background.