Everyone is a Designer of Your Life


"We are the last generation whose baby photos weren’t taken on phones"

"Digital photos can’t replace the look & feel of physical photo album"

"Existed photo sharing experience is lacking in human emotions compared to that conveyed by physical album making"


HackAlbum is an integrated system which has bring in stakeholders including customers, material suppliers, printing and binding service providers and mail service providers. Their detailed relationship has been elaborated in the following diagram.




This is a design work made within only 48 hours. I and my teammates participated in a hackathon called Hack ATL in Atlanta. We brainstormed many design schemes and has chosen this subject in the final. On the one hand, we think HackAlbum has perfectly connected digital and physical experience and brings back our memories stored in old photos; On the other, this idea greatly applies the crowdsourcing thinking which is hot at the time when we participated in the hackathon. The idea that friends can collaborate and draw on their old photos is attractive and has received praise from other attendees of the Hackathon. Also, HackAlbum creates an integrated system which brings in all stakeholders and provides an fluent experience. The whole experience of making this project in 48 hours strengthened my ability of ideating design scheme in a short time and value its practicable level.