Weather Search Design

Weather Search Redesign for Microsoft Bing(China)


This is a real design project for Microsoft Bing (China).
Searching weather condition is a significant user behavior on each search engine. The goal of this project is to research current weather search result of Bing on both web and mobile platform and redesign mobile experience of using Bing to conduct weather search.

Final deliverables are Hifi mockup of weather search results on iPhone 6 platform and 2 sets of weather icons.

Comparative Analysis

Firstly, I did a comparative analysis among three search engines: Google, Bing and Baidu(China's largest search engine).
After comparing the weather search result of three main search engines, I conclude their structure and difference as the right graph.



Google has provided very detailed search result both for the current and future weather condition. Users can get almost every weather attribute (precipitation, humidity..) in a specif- ic time of a certain day.
The control is kind of easy for users. They just need to select a certain day and drag the time axis, then weather info of the time that they are looking for will be changed and displayed.


In addition to real-time weather report, Baidu also provides 24 hour forecast of temperature.
Baidu also provides general future weather forecast to every day. However, compared with google, baidu’s weather search result can’t cover every hour of day.


A feature of Bing is, except for providing normal weather forecast, it also provides PM 2.5 report in 6-hour advance. This function meet with chinese citizens needs.
However, for weather forecast, bing’ s search result is kind of weak. It can’t provide every hour weather forecast both for current and future days.


1. Bing weather should at least provide the temperature trend for each day. Because for some cities, there’s huge temperature di erence between daytime and night. Knowing about temperature trend in a day is essential for people to decide their dress.
2. Weather condition, PM 2.5 index, temperature and wind index can be categorized as common info that should be provided by all search result. Those info are what users mostly care about when they search weather condition so they should be displayed on the  first page of search result.
3. Considering that Bing also provide weather answer for other international cities, weather unit is also in need of consideration. Like if I search for “weather of Washington”, there should be a way that I can switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit.
4. For different weather condition, background color or image will be seriously considered in order to re ect weather perceptually.
5. To make information concise and clearly, infographics will be designed and used.
6. To describe weather condition, use some emotional and expressional words in addition to simply describe weather as “sunny”.


See full design report here