Bing Celebrity Search

Celebrity Search Redesign for Microsoft Bing(China)


This is a real design project for Microsoft Bing (China).
Searching for celebrities’ trending news is a general search behavior on mobile. The goal of this project is to research current celebrity search experience on Bing (China) and tease out potential design points.

I did competitive analysis among several major search engines and researched and found out user problems and preferences for each search engine. In the final, I proposed design schemes based on design goals generated through user research.

Competitive Analysis

I choose Baidu, Google and Bing as research object. Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine with the most traffic. Google is the world largest search engine. Bing is the object for redesign in this project.

1 Baidu

Many of the results of celebrity search in Baidu is from Baidu’s own resources including Baidu image, video, music, posts. This makes baidu’ search result looks concise and in the same style.

Of course baidu also integrated online resources from other website. For example, we can easily  nd Leehom Wang’s music resource from QQ, Kuwo, baidu and Xiami in baidu’s music search module.

2 Google

Google provide an integrated celebrity pro le, which is a highlight of its celebrity search result. For every celebrity, google tries to build a pro le from which search engine users can  nd their personal introduction, o cial social media, videos, music, related person and so on. Compared with dispersed search results, google’s celebrity pro le provides an o cial collection of info which is more trustworthy.

3 Bing

A feature of Bing celebrity search is that it provides instant post module which integrate most up to date post from baidu, tianya, douban and other main- stream post website of China. Further, bing integrates “knows” module with info from Baidu Encyclopedia, Hudong Encyclopedia, wikipedia and its own Bing Dictionary. Search engine users can smoothly switch between these website resources based on their needs.


One potential problem with celebrity news search on Bing is: There isn’t a “news” label on the grey header under search box which usually appears on other search engine. From the per- spective of Information Architecture, “news” label should be in the same layer with images, videos, academic, all of which have been made as labels right under the search box. If there’s a news label, users can easily  nd all news and events according to their usual practice.

Currently, when a user start celebrity search, hot news will be displayed as a widget inside the search result page. Even if we don’t consider information architecture here, that’s to say, if we assume that our users know they should  nd news module inside search result page, there still exist problems. I try to use Bing and search other well-known people, I found that hot news module’s position is not  xed inside the search result page. This will make user confused where to  nd news. From psychology perspective, if users feel they can’t easily  nd im- portant information, they may end search.

In conclusion, providing a “news” label under search box is a convenient and reasonable solution.

Modules Concerned with Trending News/Events

I conclude function modules which have close connection with trending news and events of celebrity on the left. I will mainly focus on this  ve modules and design UX of celebrity search. (Espe- cially focus on Hot news and social media. )

During my interview with users, there are some feedbacks which are worthwhile to be explored.
1. A user respond that they will get news of a celebrity from weibo rather than directly use search engine. (Social Media)
2. Some users respond that web portals(like Sina news) is a better source to know celebrity news rather than search engine.
3. “I won’t search celebrity news deliberately. Usually, I see some news of a celebrity by chance or want to find news of a specific celebrity because I happened to see other interesting content which is closely connected with this celebrity”
4. “Localized news of a celebrity is attractive. For example, if I am fans of Leehom Wang, news about Leehom will come to my residence city and have a concert will make me happy”


1. Social media(weibo) provide First person message, which is trust- worthy. Comments from weibo followers are focusing point of fans who use celebrity search.
2. News from main web portals is convincing. (Sina, sohu, ifeng...)
3. Providing extending search/same category search/relation search
4. Providing localized information of a specific celebrity like local fans club, local concert information.


1. Highlight news from social media on the search result page

Current Serp

Redesigned UX

Redesigned version tries to provide user with more recent Weibo updates by a celebrity.

Redesigned version also show users with hot responses from followers for a specific message posted by the celebrity.

High Fidelity

2. Highlight news from mainstream web portals on the search result page

Current Serp

Redesigned UX

The multi tab bars provide users with news from the most convincing and hot news websites.

Also, search engine users can customize their sources of news in addition to the default sources provided by Bing.

High Fidelity

3. Provide shortcut for search of relational celebrity news

Current Serp

Redesigned UX

Provide short cut for relational celebrity news search. In this example, recent news of Jay Chou will also be provided.

High Fidelity

4. Provide localized search results

Current Serp

Redesigned UX

Provide short cut for relational celebrity news search. In this example, recent news of Jay Chou will also be provided.

High Fidelity

Redesigned Hi-Fidelity